The Noti Insulator Company has a new patented insulator

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Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States

The Noti Insulator.


The accompanying illustration shows a new form of insulator for which a patent has been granted to Albert Vickers and Wm. Dibb, of Syracuse, N. Y. The insulator is designed to do away with tie wires and is extremely simple. The idea to aim at in effecting a perfect support for any wire is to prevent its coming in contact at the insulator with anything that could injure it in consequence of the constant movement that exists there owing to swinging in the wind of the wires and working of the poles. It is a well-known fact that the tie wires sometimes injure the line permanently, and are often a source of broken and crossed lines. In overcoming these difficulties in the insulator here described the idea has been to support and fasten the wire and yet have it in contact with nothing but smooth rounding surfaces of glass or porcelain which could not possibly in any way injure it. The insulator consists of a body of the present form screwing to the pin with the top part provided with a cavity shaped as shown in Fig. 4. It will be seen that the roller action of the plug prevents the wire from moving laterally, the plug keeps it from flying up, and it is therefore securely fastened. The plug cannot come out, for the pressure of the wire against a slight groove in it holds it to its place securely enough, as there is no strain on it tending to force it out. In addition to the advantages already cited, this insulator has the following points to recommend it. It fastens the wire more positively than a tie and all corrosion is avoided. It is used more easily and quickly than a tie and can be fastened very much more quickly. This saves time and money in constructing lines and the results are bound to be more satisfactory as every fastening is uniform and is readily inspected from the ground, since if the plug is in position the fastening is all right. It is evident therefore that broken wires and crossed lines will be at a minimum on lines where this insulator is used, to say nothing of the very much less time required to construct a line with them. This insulator is being put on the market by the Noti Insulating Company, of Syracuse, N. Y., and is made for any size wire.


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