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Publication: Trade Directory, Containing list of Manufacturers of Pottery, Glassware, Enamel and Aluminum Ware

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 37,42, col. 1




Pressed and Blownware Plants in the

United States and Canada.

On the following pages will be found the companies manufacturing lime and flint glassware, both pressed and blown, for all purposes. After the name of the company and the names of its officers will be found the factory capacity and the kinds of ware made.

A brief classification giving merely the name and location of companies also is included. There are 16 different classes. Also appended is a list of glass cutters, including independent shops as well as manufacturers operating cutting departments.

Corning Glass Works, Corning, N. Y. Plants at Corning, N. Y., Wellsboro, Pa., and Kingsport, Tenn. Corning, 5 furnaces, 84 pots, 7 continuous tanks, 61 rings. Steuben division, 2 furnaces, 26 pots. Wellsboro, 2 continuous tanks, 40 rings. Kingsport, 2 continuous tanks, 16 rings. A. D. Falck, president; A. L. Day, vice president; G. B. Holister, vice president in charge of sales; E. C. Sullivan, vice president in charge of manufacturing; W. Sinclaire, secretary; J. L. Thomas, treasurer; C. E. Githler, production manager; H. E. Watson, purchasing agent; W. C. Taylor, chief chemist; D. E. Gray, chief engineer. Pressed and blown tableware, lamp chimneys, globes and electrical goods, tubing, auto headlight and signal glass, laboratory and optical glass, baking ware - Pyrex, electric light bulbs, lenses and lens blanks, conaphore lenses, Pyrex tea pots, Pyrex nursing bottles, Pyrex industrial ware and art ware.


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