The Summit Porcelain Co. is incorporated

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Clay-Worker

Indianapolis, IN, United States
vol. 75, no. 1, p. 38, col. 1




THE SUMMIT Porcelain Co., of Summit, N. J., recently filed articles of incorporation with the State Department in Trenton. The company is located at Park and Chestnut avenues, Summit, N. J., in the building formerly owned by Mr. E. F. Anderson, in which he carried on a merchandising business for several years. The officers of the company are: Mr. E. F. Anderson, president; Mr. Anthony Comfort, vice-president; Mr. E. C. DeDreux, treasurer, and Mr. E. L. McKirgan, secretary. It is the intention of the company to manufacture the highest grade of porcelain "standards" and "specialities." The plant is a three-story one, fireproof throughout. Some of the main features of the plant are that it is very centrally located and is of easy access to two large railroads. This indeed is a distinctive feature, as one of the most important requirements of an up-to-date plant of this character is good shipping facilities.

The company is indeed very fortunate in having obtained the services of Mr. Anthony Comfort as vice-president, one of the best known pottery men in the State of New Jersey, having formerly been connected with the Fernando C. Mesa plant at Irvington, N. J., one of the largest porcelain plants in the East, where he was general manager. Mr. Comfort will act not only as the vice-president of the company, but will also manage the business. He is now beginning his twenty-third year in the pottery business. This long period of experience will certainly be of great help to a new concern of this character, and we extend to them our heartiest wishes for success.

The machinery will be of the very latest type, furnished by the Crossley Machine Co., of Trenton. The slip house will be one of the most up-to-date slip units in the State. It is expected to start actual operation on or about the fifteenth of January, 1921. The company will at first build but two kilns, and as business warrants, others will be added in due time. Mr. Jack Lovatt, of Trenton, is building the kilns.


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