Hemingray donates to St. Patrick's Benevolent Society for Catholic Fair


Publication: The Cincinnati Daily Enquirer

Cincinnati, OH, United States
vol. 33, no. 356, p. 7, col. 4-5


A VISIT TO THE CATHOLIC FAIR LARGE ATTENDANCE AND GREAT SUCCESS The Catholic Fair at Odd Fellows' Hall, for the benefit ot the Church of the Immaculate Conception, is numerously attended nightly, there being a perfect jam from early in the eveuiug until a late hour. The spirit and energy with which the members of this church manage these annual fairs speaks well for their devotion to the interests of their religion. Both old and young seem to vie with each otter in their efforts to assist the good cause.

Captain Horn's Newport Barracks Band enlivened the occasion with delightful music.

The St. Patrick's Benevolent Society have their table handsomely decorated. In the rear hangs a large American flag and an excellent colored photograph of "St. Patrick himself," while over head is the motto: "Cead Mila Felta Erin Go Bragh," with representations of the shamrock, harp, & c. This table is under the supervision of Mrs. William McNamara, Mrs. P. Walsh and Mrs. W. H. Jones. They are indebted, for valuable donations, to Hayman & Co., McHenry & Co., Hemingray & Co., N. Wirthlin, Regan & Co., and many others.

The St. Joseph's Benevolent Society stands next in prominence to the St. Patrick's, between which societeis there exists a commendable and profitable rivalry. Mrs. J. Walsh, Mrs. O'Brien and others preside at this table, and are indebted to firms for magnificent donations, whose names we did not learn.

The Rosebud Club is composed of juveniles under the direction of Mrs. McNamara, W. C. Davis & Co. have given them a fine donation of stoves and hollow ware

The Congregation table is in charge of Mrs. O'Shaughuessey, and is doing an excellent work.

The Young Ladies' Sodality table completes the list, and the ladies who have charge of it are striving with commendable zeal to put money into the coffers of the fair.

The canes and sword designed for the most popular Councilman are at the St. Patrick's table, and are being spiritedly contested for. The candidates already on the track are M. J. King, Albert S. Berry, E. Connelly, E. O'Hara and J. P. Cummings.


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