Colonel Phillips estate administered; William and Robert Hemingray claim to be descendents


Publication: The Jamestown Journal

Jamestown, NY, United States
vol. 48, no. 52, p. 5, col. 1

Col. Phillips' Estate It is now

Claimed he was not a Bachelor.

The Pittsburg Gazette of yesterday says: It is rumored that there will be no objections offered to granting letters of administration to the brother and sisters of the late Col. William Phillips on the estate of the deceased. It is said that some twenty-five years ago Col. Phillips was quietly married to the widow of one Reuben Hemingray, of this city, who has died in the South. By this union it is claimed five children were born, though the family lived apart and the widow held her name of Hemingray. Some six years ago this woman died, and now two boys, who claim to be the offspring of this marriage, and the only survivors, propose to lay claim to the estate Their names are William and Robert Hemingray. It is said that there are those living who were present at the marriage and some who saw the certificate. It is well known that Col. Phillips had made a will but he never signed it, and consequently it is in valid. The matter will be looked forward to with considerable interest, as it was always supposed that Col. Phillips lived a bachelor' life.


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