Covington vs. Hemingray settlement for 25 years @ $10/Year


Publication: The Cincinnati Daily Times and Chronicle

Cincinnati, OH, United States
vol. 50, no. 14896, p. 4, col. 3-4


CITY COUNCIL At the meeting last night, claims amounting to $6,688.58 were allowed. The ordinance levying the city taxes for 1875 was passed. The rates are: General fund, $3; to pay interest on bonded debt, 60 cents; for sinking fund 17 cents; school fund, 25 cents; total, $2 on each $100; also $2 on each male inhabitant over twenty-one years of age.

The Committee on Law reported that the defendants in the case of the city against Hemmingray [sic] Hemingray & Co. agreed to make the time twenty-five years instead of thirty, they paying $10 a year rent, surrendering peaceably at the end of that time and paying half the costs. Concurred in.


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