Willard P. Zimmerman promoted

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Lumberman

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. Whole 3120, p. 51, col. 2

Becomes General Manager of

Glass Company Division

Owens-Illinois Glass Co., Toledo, Ohio, announces the promotion of W. P. Zimmerman to the position of general manager of the company's industrial and structural products division. Mr. Zimmerman entered the glass business as sales manager of the Hemingray Glass Co. at Muncie, Ind, in 1920. When the company was merged with Owens-Illinois in 1933, Mr. Zimmerman was made assistant plant manager, and in less than a year was promoted to plant managership. In collaboration with Minot Holmes he fostered improvements in glass communication and low power transmission insulators. In 1935 Owens-Illinois centered its glass block activities under Mr. Zimmerman. Under his direction, engineers developed a revolutionary type of alloy welding material and a high-speed welding process which caused the lid-type block to be abandoned in favor of the masonry block. In his new position Mr. Zimmerman will supervise all operations of the industrial and structural products division. W. C. Davis continues as director of merchandising.


W. H. ZIMMERMAN, Toledo New General Mgr.
W. H. Zimmerman, Toledo New General Mgr.



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