American Structural Products Co. of Owens-Illinois re-organized

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Publication: American Lumberman & Building Products Merchandiser

Chicago, IL, United States
p. 57, col. 1

Owens-Illinois Subsidiary

Elects New Officers


American Structural Products Company, recently reorganized subsidiary of Owens-Illinois Glass Company, has announced the election of the following new officers:

C. R. Megowen, chairman of the board; S. J. McGiveran, president; E. B. Dennis, Jr., K. M. Henry and S. A. Kenworthy, vice presidents; J. H. McNerney, secretary-treasurer; J. S. Rinehart, comptroller, assistant secretary and assistant treasurer; E. F. Martin, assistant secretary and assistant treasurer; J. A. Serra, assistant secretary and A. H. Ahlers, assistant treasurer.

Directors are: J. P. Levis, W. E. Levis, Mr Dennis, Mr. Henry, Mr. Kenworthy, Mr. McGiveran, Mr. Megowen and Mr. Rinehart.

All officers and directors are executives of Owens-Illinois Glass Company, the majority from the Kimble Glass division. The Kimble group will continue their Kimble Glass duties in addition to their new assignments.

Under the new plan, American Structural Products will operate the company's Muncie, Ind., plant and the Columbus, O., plant. Television bulbs and other industrial and electronics glassware will be made at the Columbus plant. The Muncie plant will contine to manufacture Insulux glass blocks and Hemingray communication and electrical insulators.


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