Arthur Watts of Locke attends American Ceramic Society annual meeting

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Publication: The House Furnishing Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 30, no. 3, p. 61, col. 1

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The eleventh annual meeting of the American Ceramic Society was held at the Powers Hotel, Rochester, New York, February 1-3, 1909. General ware and art manufacturers, chemists, managers, superintendents, ceramic engineers, tile, electric porcelain and terra cotta makers, geologists, instructors, clay makers, makers of chemicals, colors, etc., and others interested in the technical as well as the practical part of potting joined in the discussion of the papers and lectures. The educational influence of this scientific society has been far reaching and its printed volumes of transactions afford a library of experience and research invaluable both for the professional man and makers of products. Reports of investigations of the properties of the materials used in the ceramic field, special problems of manufacture, causes and prevention of the troubles and losses which occur, detailed figures as to the expense of construction and equipment of plants, and the cost of making various wares were some of the live topics which received exhaustive discussion. The following officers were elected:

President, Prof. Ross C. Purdy, Department of Ceramic Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio; Vice-President, Arthur S. Watts, Ceramic Engineer, Locke Insulator Co., Victor, New York; Secretary, Prof. Edward Orton, Jr., Director Department Ceramic Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio; and Treasurer, Ellis Lovejoy, Richardson Lovejoy Engineering Co., Columbus, Ohio.

The summer meeting of this society may possibly be held near Pittsburg, or in the Beaver Valley region. Indianapolis was favored for the annual meeting in 1910.


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