Universal Clay Products incorporates

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Brick and Clay Record

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 54, no. 12, p. 1094,1103, col. 1,1

IN the WAKE of the NEWS

Being a Brief Mention of a Host of Interesting Happenings

in the Varied Fields of the Clayworking Industry


The Universal Clay Products Co. has been incorporated at Columbus, Ohio, for $100,000. The company recently purchased the plant of the Asher Cooperage Co. and machinery will soon arrive for the production of clay products, and the contract for the kilns will then be let. Manager Frey has been in Parkersbtirg, W. Va., in conference with J. H. Parker, head of the company, and upon his return, work will go speedily forward at the Sandusky plant. It was originally planned to call this company the American Clay Products Co., then the United States Clay Products Co., but the Universal Clay Products Co. has been definitely decided upon.


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