Events in the Glass Industry for 1943; Corning Glass Works events listed; Multiform insulators developed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Year Book and Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 169-178, col. 1

Outstanding Events In Glass Industry

Of the Nation During the Year 1943


Corning Glass Works receives Army-Navy "E" award.


Paul Jenkins, vice president in charge of the Macbeth-Evans Division of Corning Glass Works at Charleroi, Pa., is given charge of all optical glass production.

Glen W. Cole is re-elected president and Amory Houghton, chairman of the board of the Corning Glass Works.


Corning Glass Works and Dow Chemical Company organize Dow Corning Corporation.

Corning Glass Works develops Multiform insulators, considered an important advance in the industry.


Pressware division of Corning Glass Works presents Army with ambulance.


Paul Jenkins, vice president of Corning Glass Works for last seven years, resigns. He was associated with the glass industry for 29 years.

The Charleroi, Pa., plant of the Corning Glass Works receives Army-Navy "E" for "fine record of supplying materials needed by the armed forces."

Percy L. Orr, associated with Corning Glass Works for 12 years, is appointed glass technologist for the company's three plants.


Corning Glass Works adds star to "E" flag for continued meritorious production service.

Harry Hosier is made Corning Glass Works vice president in charge of industrial relations.


Amory Houghton, chairman of the board of the Corning Glass Works, leaves for tour of South America to study glass making possibilities.

Corning Glass Works' Wellsboro, Pa., plant receives Army-Navy "E" award.

Flints win consent election at Corning by 1,000 votes over the CIO United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers' Union.

Corning Glass Works make available industrial glassware made from its 96 per cent silica glass No. 790.

Corning Glass Works creates new consumer sales division


Eight officers and major executieves of the Corning Glass Works, are involved in personnel changes that give the officials new duties and responsibilities. The company, as result of the changes and formation of two new divisions, is now what is known as a "line organization."

Bernard A. Burke, veteran sales representative of Pyrex housewares division of Corning Glass Works, retires after 27 years of service.


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