Hart hesitant to join partner in Indianapolis fearing perjury in Hemingray wedding case


Publication: The Logansport Daily Pharos

Logansport, IN, United States
p. 3, col. 3

Polo Pointers.


It looks as though the Western league will continue as a four club organization.

Lafayette will be the attraction at the Olympic Monday afternoon. At night the locals will go to Fort Wayne to play.

A report from Anderson says: "George Cunningham, Sr., who has been rushing for the Elwood team, left today for Lynn, Mass,, to endeavor to bring Pierce and Bannon back to the Western league.

Polo war may be a little hard on the managers and magnates says the Marion Leader, but the players will not lose anything by it. The polo player who takes advantage of a war cannot be trusted, and the continual wrangling not only hurts Manager and player, but has a bad effect on the game. Let there be peace.

Says a paper in a Western league town: "Western league fans are anxiously awaiting the time the Central managers will get a Western star to take Jason's place as they threatened." From the game put up by Whipple and "Leydon against us Tuesday night Central league managers do not need "a Western star to take Jason's place." Done very nicely thank you.

It is said that the return of Hart's hesitancy about joining a partner at Indianapolis is because he fears the charge of perjury being brought against him for swearing that Sue Hemingray, who married Cusick, was a resident of Marion county, while, as a matter of fact, she lived in Delaware county. Manager Cohen says he will have Hart, however, before the end of the week.

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