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Publication: Glass Factory Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 49,58,60,62, col. 1



The following factories are devoted to the manufacture of pressed and blown ware, plain tumblers, stem ware and bar goods, cut glass and tubing, lamp chimneys, globes, electrical goods, etc.


Corning Glass Works, Corning; branch factory, Pressware Division, Corning, N. Y.; branch factory, Fallbrook Division, Corning, N. Y.; branch factory, Wellsboro, Pa.; branch factory, Central Falls, R. I.; branch factory, Charleroi Division, Charleroi, Pa.; branch factory, Parkersburg, W. Va. Amory Houghton, chairman of the board of directors; Glen W. Cole, president; George D. Macbeth, vice president and controller; William H. Curtiss, vice president and secretary; Charles D. LaFollette, vice president and director of sales; Eugene W. Ritter, vice president and director of manufacturing and engineering; Jesse T. Littleton, vice president and co-director of research; William C. Taylor, vice president and director of glass technology; William C. Decker, vice president and director of bulb and tubing division; Harry M. Hosier, vice president in charge of industrial relations; John L. Ward, treasurer; Willard A. Kates, manager consumer products division; J. N. Reilly, manager techincal products division. "Pyrex" brand products: ovenware, flameware, teapots, coffee-maker bowls, laboratory ware, pharmaceutical ware, industrial ware, insulators and electrical glassware, multiform glassware, gauge glasses, tubing, piping, cylinders, filter glasses, lantern globes, and special technical ware. "Corning" brand products: bulbs, tubing, thermometer tubing, optical ware, signal ware for railroad, marine, traffic and aviation use, filter glasses, tumblers, pressed tableware. "Macbeth" brand products: commerical and residential illuminating glassware, street lighting globes, gasoline and oil pump cylinders, miners' safety lamp glasses, lamp shades and parts, opal advertising globes, lamp chimneys, lantern globes, gauge glasses. "Steuben" brand products: tableware, artware, architectural ware, "Vycor" brand products: industrial ware, laboratory and pharmaceutical ware, and filter glasses.


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