Events in the Glass Industry for 1949; Hemingray/Owens-Illinois events listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Year Book and Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 172-184, col. 1

Outstanding Events In Glass Industry

Of the Nation During the Year 1949



E. B. Dennis, Jr., sales manager of the container and accessories unit of Kimble Glass division, Owens-Illinois Glass Company, is named division general sales manager. K. G. Hewitt, former Philadelphia branch office manager, succeeds him.

Owens-Illinois Glass announces plans to re-open Columbus plant to meet demand for television bulbs.


Owens-Illinois names E. D. Bowes manager of the Kimble Glass division at Philadelphia.

Owens-Illinois adds 24-ounce amber shelf bottle to its line of prescription ware.


Owens-Illinois names Harry J. Durholt general manager of the Libbey Glass division. He formerly was plant manager.

Owens-Illinois names Johnston B. Shimer manager of Kimble Glass division at Columbus, Ohio, where mass production of television tubes will be concentrated.

Owens-Illinois develops "depressed thread finish" for Duraglas prescription ware line. Method permits closures to be applied tightly but can be removed easily due to depressed thread in the finish of the bottle.

New "Random Clear" Insulux glass blocks of Owens-Illinois are described as machine-made yet having the appearance of being hand made.

Thomas A. Collins, is named general manager of American Structural Products Company, Owens-Illinois subsidiary.

Owens-Illinois names Carl. R. Megowan, vice president, to post of executive vice president.


John F. Hinckley is named by Owens-Illinois to manage Chicago Heights, Ill., plant of Kimble division.

Libbey Glass division of Owens-Illinois adds five tumbler sizes to its Columbian institutional line.

Lack of business forces Owens-Illinois to cloe its small Indianapolis plant of the Kimble division.

Leland S. Connick is names assistant general sales manager, and Huntley Castner, manager of Owens-Illinois' San Francisco branch office.

Libbey Glass division of Owens-Illinois introduces dated tumblers to demonstrate durability.

George Babcock is appointed sales manager of closure and plastics division of Owens-Illinois.


Owens-Illinois promotes Frank Jones, Jr., to manager of Richmond, Va., branch office, and H. W. Prewitt to the same capacity at the Buffalo branch.

American Structural Products Company, subsidiary of Owens-Illinois, acquires the industrial and electronics manufacturing facilities formerly centered in the Kimble Glass division of O-I.

New officers for American Structural Products are named, headed by C. R. Megowen and S. J. McGiveran, board chairman and president, respectively.


W. M. Hawkins is appointed general sales manager of Owens-Illinois' Kaylo division.

Ripley W. Rogers, 49, vice president and general manager of Sharpe, Inc., Buffalo subsidiary of Owens-Illinois, dies in Buffalo doctor's office following heart attack suffered at his desk.

Kaylo division of Owens-Illinois names Robert L. Major sales engineer at Pittsburgh, and William R. Lugar as sales control supervisor of the division witrh headquarters at Toledo.

Commerce Department sites advantages of glass blocks as building material.


J. J. O'Shaugnessy is named sales manager of the beverage division, Owens-Illinois.

Dispute over size of crews which should be maintained on a stemware machine, closes Libbey Glass division of of Owens-Illinois for three days.


Owens-Illinois Glass announces it will move its Conshohocken, Pa., plant to Kimble factory at Vineland, N. J., due to unprofitable operations,

American Structural Products, subsidiary of Owens-Illinois, develops rectangular television tube after extensive research. New all-glass bulb is designed to receive 100 per cent of the transmitted television picture.


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