Party from Middle Bass Club, including Hemingray family, arrived at the Mettawas


Publication: The Detroit Free Press

Detroit, MI, United States

The Mettawas.

One of the mos pleasant events of the season at the Mettawas was the operatic medley given in the Casino on Wednesday evening. The hall was filled and the entertainment was received with great enthusiasm. A scene from "The Geisha," with Miss Frame, of Piqua, O., as Mimosa; a scene from "Cavalleria Rusticana," with Miss Virginia May, of Louisville, as Santuzza, and a scene from "Pinafore," with Mr. Charles Wright Buttercup, were among the most enjoyable features of the programme. Miss Mary E. Belville, of Dayton, who has a beautiful contralto voice, also sang several selections. Tableaux and a cake walk were also on the proramme.

An artistic and enjoyable programme of music was given in the Casino on Sunday evening. The Mettawas has been fortunate to having so much musical talent among the guests this season. The Gemunder-Howe Orchestra Club has been one of the delightful muiscal features.

At the bowling party Monday night the prizes were won by Mrs. F. J. Wildberger, of Jefferson City; Mrs. F. A. Campbell, of Pittsburg; Charles Wright, Jr., and Drummond Jones, of Little Rock.

A progressive pedro party was given by the ladies on Tuesday morning. The prize winners were: Mrs. M. J. Ringlehaup, at Little Rock, and Miss Rorison, of Detroit.

A watermelon party and a cake walk in the moonlight were among the larks of the Mettawas young people this week.

The Le Roy K. Brooks steamed in on Thursday from Middle Bass Club with the following people in the party:

Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Massie, Chillicothe, O.; Mrs. L. S. Matthews, L. P. Matthews, Covington, Ky.; Miss M. C. Hemingray, Miss L. M. Hemingray, Muncie, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. James Clark, Louisville Ky.; Miss G. Clark, Miss C. Clark, Henderson, Ky.; Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Brooks, Miss Brooks, Edward Brooks, Cincinnati, O.; Mr. and Mrs. T. Ewing Miller, Columbus, O.; Miss Harris, Miss Rathbone, Albany, N. Y.; Chas. Foster, Fostoria, O.; Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Newson, Wm. M. Newson, Columbus, O.; Count Wm. Von Rehberg, Berlin; Mrs. Rehberg, Middle Bass, O.

At the ladies' progressive euchre club on Friday morning, Mrs. W. A. Wilton, of Louisville, took the first prize and Mrs. Charles F. Mellish took the second.

Dr Samuel P. Sprecher, of Cleveland, one of the noted preachers, of Ohio, is spending the summer with his family at the Mettawas, and has given a number of informal talks on the verandas, which have been much enjoyed by the guests.

Charles Wright, Jr., has made the best bogies record of the season on the golf links, making the rounds with a score od 24 strokes.

An entertainment of tableaux and dancing for the children was a pleasant event on Friday evening. Little Lila Capen, of St. Louis, only 4 years of age, sang "Rosa O'Grady" and made the hit of the evening.

Great interest is being taken in the golf tournament which is to be played Saturday. There are a large number of entries.

A photograph of the Mettawas guests was taken during the week and will prove a pleasant souvenir of the summer.

The following from Detroit registered at the Mettawas during the week: J. D. Kennedy, C. J. Farmer, Wetmore Hunt, C. F. Mellish, Mrs. A. W. Ferguson, Master Willard Ferguson, Henry M. Standon, Mrs. Chas. A. Mack, David Gray, Mrs. C. A. Graham, Mrs. Geo. M. Simonson, Mrs. G. A. McDonald and daughter.


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