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Publication: Glass Factory Year Book and Directory

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This is the Golden Anniversary Issue of your GLASS FACTORY YEARBOOK AND DIRECTORY.


To mark the occasion, special research has been undertaken to gather information about glass manufacturers and individuals, active or retired, whose years of service also date back 50 years or more. This special historical data is presented on the pages immediately following.


We congratulate the companies and individuals who have reached and passed this half-century milestone. We are proud that down through the years both the GLASS FACTORY YEARBOOK AND DIRECTORY and the American Glass Review have had the opportunity to mirror the wonderful achievements these men and companies have helped to make possible in the manufacture of glass.


The names of those men who have been in the glass industry for 50 years or more are, in most cases, included in the historical paragraphs of those companies with which they have served. All other 50-year veterans, including those of distributors and suppliers, are to be found in the supplementary list following the company histories.


Every effort has been made to include all companies and individuals who are qualified for the Golden Anniversary Review. If omissions are noted, we would appreciate having them brought to our attention so that recognition can be made in the American Glass Review.


Armstrong Cork Company

Original Plant Established 1806


Lancaster                                                                                                  Pennsylvania


In broadening its diversified activities in 1938 to include a complete glass packaging service, Armstrong Cork Company acquired two glass factories, one of which, Whitall, Tatum & Company, of Millville, N. J., dated its history back to 1806. That year the first glass factory was erected in Millville by James Lee. After changing hands several times in the next several decades, in 1834, it was purchased by Whitall & Brother, later to become Whitall, Tatum & Company. Another factory, built by Frederick Schetter in 1832, also found its way into the hands of Whitall Tatum in 1845. When Armstrong took over in 1938, the original factory started by Lee was dismantled, and the Schetter plant was modernized and expanded.

The second factory acquired by Armstrong was the Hart Glass Manufacturing Company, founded by T. F. Hart in Ohio in 1879, and moved to Dunkirk, Ind., in the late 90's.

Today the Dunkirk plant employs about 450 people. Its principal products are containers for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. The Millville plant is larger, with 1,300 employees, and produces containers with a wider variety of uses, as well as glass insulators for the electrical industry.

Armstrong's Glass and Closure Division is headed by Joseph C. Feagley as vice-president and general manager; Roy A. Horning is assistant general manager and production manager; R. A. Hetzel is general sales manager.

In Millville, there are a number of employees still active after more than 50 years of service, some of whom will be going into retired status as this directory goes to press. They include Ralph Chard, Clarence Cottrell. Sr., Eugene Hall, Clarence Howell, Ralph Jones, John Ottinger, Joseph T. Pancoast, and Horace H. Young, Sr.


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