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This is the Golden Anniversary Issue of your GLASS FACTORY YEARBOOK AND DIRECTORY.


To mark the occasion, special research has been undertaken to gather information about glass manufacturers and individuals, active or retired, whose years of service also date back 50 years or more. This special historical data is presented on the pages immediately following.


We congratulate the companies and individuals who have reached and passed this half-century milestone. We are proud that down through the years both the GLASS FACTORY YEARBOOK AND DIRECTORY and the American Glass Review have had the opportunity to mirror the wonderful achievements these men and companies have helped to make possible in the manufacture of glass.


The names of those men who have been in the glass industry for 50 years or more are, in most cases, included in the historical paragraphs of those companies with which they have served. All other 50-year veterans, including those of distributors and suppliers, are to be found in the supplementary list following the company histories.


Every effort has been made to include all companies and individuals who are qualified for the Golden Anniversary Review. If omissions are noted, we would appreciate having them brought to our attention so that recognition can be made in the American Glass Review.


Corning Glass Works

Established 1851


Corning                                                                                                  New York


Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 1951, the Corning Glass Works built the Glass Center in Corning, New York, dedicated to the history, science, industry and art of glass making, and comprising a museum, exhibition hall, public auditorium and factory for Steuben products.

The original organization was known as the Union Glass Company in Somerville, Mass. Moving to Brooklyn, N. Y. in 1864 and then to Corning in 1868, the company was incorporated as the Corning Glass Works in 1875.

There are approximately 13,500 employees today, with eight plants in the home town, and nine other factories in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Michigan and Kentucky. Most recent are factories at Dansville and Harrodsburg, Ky., specializing in bulbs and tubing for electronic requirements and optical glass for military needs. Sales offices are located in principal cities, and there are six subsidiary companies, including Steuben Glass, Inc., and several companies affiliated Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation and Pittsburgh Corning Corporation. 1951 net sales totaled $115,750,172.

A wide variety of products come from these numerous production sources: principally, laboratory and pharmaceutical, technical, consumer, optical and opthalmic, bulbs for television picture tubes, Steuben crystal. Pyrex ware is a household standby.

Amory Houghton is chairman of the board; Glen W. Cole, vice-chairman; William C. Decker is president. Vice-presidents include George D. Macbeth, William H. Curtiss, Charles D. LaFollette, Harry M. Hosier, Jesse T. Littleton and William C. Taylor.


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