General Porcelain Co. formed from several concerns


Publication: The Marion Daily Mirror

Marion, OH, United States
vol. 19, no. 233, p. 2, col. 2



Electric Porcelain Combine Is

Formed at East Liverpool.

East Liverpool, O., May 23. - The formation of a combination of electric porcelain potteries In Trenton, N. J., and this city, was completed here by J. H. Parker of Boston and George O. Anderson of this city. The name of the company will be the General Porcelain Company of New Jersey, recently incorporated.

Deeds for all properties here have been filed at Lisbon, O., the consideration in the several instants being from one to five dollars. New offices will be opened and all business will be directed by the local headquarters. It is also reported that Mr. Parker will become president of the new company.

This deal follows conferences in Trenton, Pittsburg and this city during the last month. One concern here refused to go in and several in Trenton are said to have forwarded "regrets".

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