Various insulator manfuacturers

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Johnston's Electrical & Street Railway Directory

New York, NY, United States
p. 586, col. 1-2

Insulating Specialties Mfrs. of.

Trimble Patent Insulator Co., The 311 W. Baltimore, Baltimore, Md.

Elkins Tree Insulator Co., The (Chas. Elkins), mfrs. of insulators., West Mansfield, Mass.


Locke & Co., Fred M., Victor, N. Y.


CONOVER INSULATOR CO. (C. E. Conover), mfrs. of self-typing porcelain insulators and cleats, 368 Vine, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Insulator Hooks Mfrs. of.


BUTLER HARD RUBBER CO., THE, 33 Mercer, New York, N. Y.


Insulators Mfrs. of.


Peru Electric Mfg. Co., Peru, Ind.


BROOKFIELD, WM., 83 Fulton, New York, N. Y.

Insulators, Glass Mfrs. of.


Oakman Mfg. Co., 219 State, Boston, Mass.


Standard Glass Insulator Co., The, 129 Tremont, Boston, Mass.


Keywords:Conover Insulator Company : Oakman Manufacturing Company : Standard Glass Insulator Company : Brookfield : Peru Electric Manufacturing Company : Butler Hard Rubber Company : Elkins Tree Insulator Company : Trimble Patent Insulator Company : Fred M. Locke & Company : Fred Locke
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