General Porcelain Co. erected a continuous tunnel kiln

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Brick and Clay Record

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 58, no. 4, p. 314, col. 2

Three New Harrop Tunnel Kilns


General Porcelain Co., Parkersburg, W. Va., has erected a continuous tunnel kiln designed by Carl B. Harrop, consulting engineer, for the company's special requirements. The kiln is 323 feet long and is to use either natural gas or oil fuel. Further provision is made for the use of solid fuel at some future time.

Two other Harrop tunnel kilns have recently been put into operation by the Mt. Clemens (Mich.) Pottery Co., one for bisque ware and the other for glost. These kilns are both fired with coal and stand end to end in an exceptionally fine factory building over eight hundred feet long.


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