Jeffery-Dewitt Insulator Company to have its insulators manufactured in France

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 77, no. 14, p. 800, col. 2

Insulators to Be Manufactured in France


The Compagnie Generale d'Electro-Ceramique, which is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical porcelain in France, has completed arrangements with the Jeffery-Dewitt Insulator Company covering the manufacture of the J-D high-tension insulator in France.

The insulators manufactured by the French company will be sold in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium. A new factory for the manufacture of these insulators will be erected at Tarbes, where the same type and quality of insulator will be made as are made in the home factory at Kenova, W. Va.

A Dressier tunnel kiln is being erected, and it is stated that large orders have already been placed by some of the French railway companies, which have started an extensive program of electrification. A. L. McLeod, vice-president of the Jeffery-Dewitt Insulator Company, has just returned from Europe, where he signed the contract mentioned above. He returned very enthusiastic over the prospects of business to be done.


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