Locke gets order for 45,000 suspension insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 77, no. 7, p. 404-405, col. 3, 1

Locke Gets Order for 220-Kv. Insulator Units


An order for 45,000 units of suspension-type insulators, similar to the No. 5800 type, has been received by the Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company, Victor, N. Y., from the Southern California Edison Company, Los Angeles. They will be used on an experimental section of transmission line approximately 20 miles in length for operation at 220,000 volts. The Southern California Edison Company is at present operating at 150,000 volts with nine suspension insulator units per string. The special engineering features involved in the use of these insulators, such as the hardware, the grading shields and the number of units used per string, are being worked out now by the power company's engineers in conjunction with Prof. H. J. Ryan of Leland Stanford, Jr., University. Delivery of the 45,000 units is to be made during the coming summer. The Locke company is running at full capacity but is still from four to six months behind on orders. The company expects that new business during the present year will be received in sufficient volume to absorb capacity.


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