Standard suspension insulators for 220,000-volt line

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 77, no. 13, p. 745, col. 2

Standard Insulator Units for 220,000-Volt Line


Orders for the necessary suspension unit insulators to equip two 200-mile circuits of the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, San Francisco, for ultimate operation at 220,000 volts have been distributed among three manufacturers. The Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company will supply about 25,000 units and the R. Thomas & Sons Company about the same number. The Ohio Brass Company's share is about 80,000 units, as noted elsewhere in this issue. Delivery will extend through the summer. It is understood that orders for about 50,000 units are yet to be placed. The acceptance of standard catalog insulator units in all three instances for operation at this extremely high voltage should in large part tend to reassure consumers who have doubted whether present insulators were applicable to such high voltages.


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