Marlatt Peerless Tree Insulator

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Publication: Telephony

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 60, no. 25, p. 767, col. 1-2

The Marlatt Peerless Tree Insulator.


Transmission trouble can be usually laid to crosses, or grounds. The latter trouble is most prevalent and especially where wires run through trees. These tree grounds are items of big expense to telephone companies as they necessitate the labor of a trouble man to locate and repair the ground and the constant friction between wire and tree damages both permanently. Most tree grounds are very hard to locate and impair service until they are repaired.


The Marlatt Tree Insulator.
The Marlatt Tree Insulator.


The ideal device to use wire for tree insulation must eliminate all possibilities of accidental contact, it must be easily installed, even after the wire has been strung, and be durable. It must please the subscriber by protecting his property and giving him better service and it must please the manager by reducing expenses.


Details of Marlatt Tree Insulator.
Details of Marlatt Tree Insulator.


S. Marlatt, of Richmond, Ind., has expended considerable time and money toward producing a perfect tree insulator and has placed the Peerless Tree Insulator before telephone men as a sure way to prevent tree grounds. To those who would profit by the adoption of a device which would eliminate trouble from this source, Mr. Marlatt will gladly send full particulars of the Peerless Tree Insulator.


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