The new patented Hammond Cleat

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electricity

New York, NY, United States
vol. 4, no. 19, p. 267, col. 2

The Hammond Cleat.


We publish herewith a cut of a new device that Is destined to become very popular not only by reason of its own Intrinsic merits which are many, but further, because it so admirably fills the conditions laid down or imposed by the underwriters all over the country. As will be seen, this cleat is made in a single piece of the finest grade glazed porcelain, and being simplicity itself in design. It furnishes the quickest and easiest method of wiring possible. By its use the unsightly tie wire is unnecessary, and can be supplied with one, two or three openings which are adapted for receiving all the ordinary sizes of wire without injuring the insulation. Its unique character enables it to hold the wire firmly, and as the wire binds on the insulator and not on the retaining points, all breaks are avoided, and what is more the slack is easily taken up, so that by its adoption and use the neatest, safest and best kind of wiring can be done.


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All who are engaged in electrical construction work will promptly and fully appreciate the foregoing advantages, which mean greater economy by saving of time and material, and the preservation of the insulation intact, a most important consideration.

Although a first class device in every respect, and made of the best quality porcelain, the Hammond Cleat and Insulator Company, 220 Devonshire street, Boston, sell it at a remarkably low figure so as to bring it within the reach of all.


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