New Nashold cleat

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Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 24, no. 22, p. 580, col. 2

New Self-Locking Cleat.

Considering the almost unlimited number of cleats which have been introduced in electric light and power installations, it is evident that much thought, time and money have been expended in the effort to bring about perfection in this essential device. A late and interesting addition to this branch is the Nashold self-locking cleat, manufactured by the Nashold Cleat Company, 934 Monadnock Block, Chicago, which the illustration given herewith enables to be clearly understood.


Self-Locking Cleat.


There is a full half-inch of porcelain between the point of contact of wire and ceiling, thus bringing the device within the requirements of underwriters, whose endorsement it has received after severe and exhaustive tests. One of the features claimed for the cleat is that it retains no moisture. The base of the holding point forms a ridge at the apex of which the wire crosses, and any moisture that might be in the surrounding atmosphere would have no more chance to collect than is unavoidable with any other section of the line. In installing, all that is required is to push the wire through the opening, then pull it straight, and it is held as strongly as in a vise. It enters and emerges from its anchorage on exactly the same lines, so that its appearance is as though it was pulled through a straight hole.


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