Exhibits at the Cleveland N.E.L.A. convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Street Railway Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 3, p. 184-185, col. 2, 1-2



M. M. WOOD, of Chicago, exhibited Eureka porcelain cleats in great variety.

THE KING INSULATING COMPANY showed a line of porcelain insulators. It was represented by Mr. King.

THE PERU ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING COMPANY exhibited switches, porcelain sockets and fuse holders; also the Laclede chemical battery.

THE AKRON INSULATOR & MARBLE COMPANY, of Akron, O., was represented by A. L. Daniels, and exhibited samples of its standard tubing for window and floor tubes, and bushings of all kinds. The exhibit also included insulators and circuit breakers.

THE NASHOLD CLEAT COMPANY, of Chicago, represented by E. Nashold, exhibited self-locking porcelain cleats which it manufactures in different styles and sizes to suit different sizes of work. The porcelain is strong and so constructed that there is no injury to the insulation of the wire.

THE BRYANT ELECTRIC COMPANY, of Bridgeport, Conn., and Chicago, was represented by Messrs. W. C. Bryant and Thomas G. Grier. The exhibit made by this company included lamp sockets, double pole, single snap switches, arc and incandescent cut-outs, rheostats, porcelain tubes and cleats. The exhibit included 150 samples of different designs in porcelain, the porcelain being purchased in the rough from the R. Thomas & Sons Company, of East Liverpool, O., ornamented and trimmed by the Bryant Company; also 500 volt switches of special design with attachment plugs. In the exhibit were also imported china insulators specially designed for street railway work. This company also distributed as souvenirs a pamphlet entitled "Stories that You Have Told or Heard Before," a collection of the humorous stories composing the stock in trade of most travelling men.


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