Fiske-Mott and Marmolite insulators

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Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 4, no. 14, p. 118, col. 1

Exhibits at the International Electrical Exhibition—IV.

We continue below our notices of the leading exhibits:




This company make an interesting display of insulators. They exhibit in the east gallery, the new well known Fiske-Mott insulators, and also their own Marmolite insulators. The Fiske-Mott insulator has proven in actual practice to possess all the advantages claimed for it in theory, and is now asserted to be without a rival in high insulation. It is steadily gaining in the favor of telegraph and telephone lines, and has been adopted by many of them. Recent tests show it to possess nearly 200 per cent. better insulation than ordinary forms of insulators. The principle of reducing the contact of the wires, so universally recognized by the best authorities, has been successfully applied here. The Marmolite insulating knobs also possess superior insulating qualities, as the material, besides being held a better insulator than porcelain and glass, does not attract moisture, nor can it be covered with a film of moisture in wet weather. The screws are imbedded in the material, closing up an avenue for leakage, and making them easier to handle and attach to the supports, besides preventing loss of screws. Several prominent telephone and electric light companies have adopted these knobs. They are also made in colors to suit the interior decorations of rooms when arc lights are used. The same material is used in the telegraph hooks, and has proven, it is said, to be vastly better than combinations containing rubber, as time and weather have no deteriorating effect upon the composition.




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