Mr. Fred Metzker a 60 year old glassblower for Hemingrays found nearly frozen on railroad tracks


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 5, col. 5


An Aged Man Found Early This



This morning at about five o'clock as Tom Shannahan was going to his saloon on Macedonia avenue, he found a very aged man lying on the street car track, with his coat off and almost frozen. He took to him to his place of business and notified the officers of the case.

Marshal Miller and his assistant Benedum went to the place where they found the man in a very bad condition. He was almost unconscious being unable to talk.

He was taken to the Muncie Hospital on South Council street where he will be properly cared for until further notice.

On his person was found an order for a railroad transportation for Frederick Metzher, from Mansfield to Altion, Ill. It also stated that he was 57 years old, 5 feet and 9 inches high, and a member of the late Co. D, 2nd Regiment Ohio volunteers.

A NEWS reporter while in conversation with R. Hemingray of the glass works, learned that the man Metzher had blowed glass for them ever since 1860 until a few months ago. Since which time he had roamed over the country.

The cause of his laying in the street over night is not known, but it is supposed that he had been out and was so effected by the cold that he was unable for him to go.

He is some better this morning but still unable to talk.


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