Frederick Metzker still in the hospital


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 4, col. 2


Frederick Metzker Still Confined at

the Hospital.


A NEWS man, while in conversation with Dr. Whitney, proprietor of the Muncie Hospital, learned that Frederick Metzker, the man who was found frozen stiff, early Saturday morning, was still confined to his bed at the hospital. Saturday monring after he had become conscious and the examination had been made, it was found that the small bone in his ankle was broken, which explains the cause of his lying in the street over night.

As Mr. Metzker is a very feeble and aged man without any relatives that can be found, it is the place of the County Trustee to see that he is properly cared for until he has fully recovered.

Mr. Whitney stated that he would soon be able to leave the hospital, but did not know where to take him.

The County Trustees whould examine the case and see that he is furnished a home, and not left in want.


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