Stroll among the factories; Hemingray now making lamps, bottles, molasses cans, lantern globes, etc.


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
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A Stroll Among the Factories.


A visitor who for the first time visits our numberless factories would be forcibly struck with the many improvements recently made and in the course nf construction.

Ball Bros. Glass Works,

both old and new are working full capacity night and day, turning out, for tbe most part fruit jars. Carloads are being shipped away almost daily, while their immense warerooms are being packed to their fullest capacity, two new buildings having just been completed.

The Work Being Done on

the new building of the tin stamp works, recently destroyed by fire is being rapidly pushed to completion. About forty brick masons and carpenters are at work, even during the freezing weather, by the aid of natural gas torches, which are kept burning near the walls. making it very comfortable for the workmen. The walls are two stones high, and five hundred feet long.

The employees of Over's window glass house and Hemingray's glass works have been considerably disabled by the prevailing malady, la grippe, on several occasions crippling them so they could hardly work. Most of the men are again at work, and a merrier set of boys would be hard to find anywhere.

The Hemingray's are now

turning out electric appliances, lamps, bottles, jars, molasses cans, lantern globes and a great many other things, in fact, almost anything in that line that can be desired.

The Muncie Nail Works

are again getting into good running order, several of the employees having beeu laid up with tbe grip. The most of them have returned to work again. Mike Downs, Con Hanley and Jas. Cartwright are still laid up from their work in the puddling rooms, but are progressing finely and will probably get back to work this week.

With the Addition of

the many new factories located recently, there will be almost no necessity for Muncie citizens to leave the city in buying an article of American manufacture.

Few of our citizens are aware of the gigantic strides made in the location of these industries by the Enterprise Co.

When the force of winter in spent and work can be commenced, Muncie will experience such a growth as will send her far in advance of all her competitors in the race for improvements.


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