Claude Matthews attends Gray Club meeting


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 4, col. 3


Our Democrats Have a Fine Time

Entertaining Visitors.


The Gray club of this city gave an elegant banquet and social reception to their members and some of the prominent Democrats of the State. The early part of the evening was passed in the club rooms of the Gray club in a most pleasant social way, but at 9 o'clock all adjourned to The Anthony where an elegant repast awaited them, which was enjoyed. The following toasts were heard, with A. D. Haimbaugh, editor of the Herald, as toastmaster.

Welcome address, Capt W. J. Hilligoes.

"Our Club," .Mayor Arthur W. Brady.

"The Democratic Press," G. H. Shanklin, editor of the Evansville Courier.

"The Democracy This Year," the Hon. Claude Mathews [sic] Matthews, secretary of state.

"The New Tax Law," the Hon. A. G. Smith, attorney-general.

"Natural Gas," A. C. Silverburg.

"To Win or Not to Win," the Hon. A. M. Sweeney, clerk of the supreme court.

"Democrats as Law Makers," Judge C.J. Lotz.

"The Politcal Dude," Hon. R. C. Bell of Fort Wayne,

"Principles First," Judge J. A. McCabe of Warren county.

Among the other prominent Democrats present were District committeeman Buchanan, of Union Cily, State Represenattive Moon, of Fulton county, Judge McKee of Connersville and Hon. J. C. Smith, of Smith, Bluffton.


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Researcher notes:Claude Matthews was the brother-in-law of Ralph Hemingray.
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