Gill Clay Pot to erect factory immediately


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 5, col. 2


The Gill Pot Factory to be Erected



Messrs. Gill left this morning for Bellaire, Ohio. They will prepare the plans at once for their buildings and be here on next Tuesday for contractors to figure thereon and get to work immediately.

The glass pot factory of Gill Bros., particulars of which were given in these columns yesterday, is one of the very few like concerns in the United States. They expect to do a large business in the west among the many new glass factories that have recenly developed in the gas belt. They will probably vary their outfit of goods, and increase the size of the plant in the future.

Their brick building, 80 x 250, will be ready for occupancy by May 1, and the works will be in operation two weeks later. And still there are more to follow.


Keywords:Hemingray : Gill Clay Pot Company
Researcher notes:Gill Clay Pot was one of the refractory companies that sold to Hemingray. James C. Gill of Hemingray Glass Co. was a cousin to the Gill Clay Pot people.
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