Bob Hemingray and wife attend Episcopal Church benefit


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 5, col. 4


Spent at the Home of Miss Edna



Last evening Miss Edna Streeter gave a reception for the benefit of the Episcopal church. A musical program which was prepared , consisted of a flute selection by Chas. Boldt and wife, a piano duet by Misses Edna Streeter and Lois Love, selection by Miss Nellie Wilson, and other selections and recitations. Dancing was indulged in by the lovers of the fantastic step, after which all were served with the most delicate refreshments. Those present were: Will Patterson and wife, Bob Hemingray and wife, Ed Olcott, Chas. boldt and wife, Thad Neeley and wife, J. W. Perkins and wife, Mrs. Hattie Johnson, Mrs. Will Maddy, Miss Cora Kuhn, of Indianapolis, Misses Nannie Love, Suzette Kirby, Suzane Little, Mallette Maddy, Nellie Wilson, Bessine Ellis, Louise Kirby, and Messrs. Cecil Malon, O. Raymond, H. Bowles, Ed Maddy, Ed Boyce, Carl Drake, Geo. E. Goudy, Jack Dettmar, Willis Kutz, Tom Reade, Hal Kimbrough, and Webster Sampson.


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