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Publication: Glass Factory Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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The following factories are devoted to the manufacture of pressed and blown ware, plain tumblers, stem ware and bar goods, cut glass and tubing, lamp chimneys, globes, electrical goods, etc.


Corning Glass Works, Corning; Main plant, Corning, N. Y.: 2 fur., 32 pots, 10 con. 2 day tanks; Albion, Mich., 2 con. tanks; Bradford, Pa., 1 con. tank (electronic components); Central Falls, R. I., 3 con. tanks; Charleroi, Pa., 6 con. 1 day tank; Danville, Ky., 2 con. tanks; Fall Brook, Corning, N. Y.: 5 con. tanks; Greenville, O., 2 con. tanks; Harrodsburg, Ky., (optical opthalmic glass); Leaside Ont., Can.: 1 con. tank; Muskogee, Okla., 1 con. tank; Parkersburg, W. Va., 2 con. tanks; Pilot Plant 2, Corning, N.Y.: 1 con. tank; Pressware plant, Corning, N. Y.: 2 con. tanks; Refractories plant, Corning, N. Y.: (special refractories); Wellsboro, Pa., 2 con. tanks. Amory Houghton, Ch. of Bd. of Dir; Wm. C. Decker, Pres.; C. D. LaFollette, Fin. V.P.; Amory Houghton, Jr., Staff V.P.; J. L. Hanigan, V.P.-Gen. Mgr. Elec. Prod. Div.; W. H. Armistead, V.P.-Dir. of Res. and Dev.; J. F. G. Hicks, V.P.-Gen. Mgr. Int'l. Div.; R. L. Waterman, V.P.-Gen. Mgr. Cons. Prod. Div.; P. T. Clark, V.P.-Gen. Mgr Tech. Prod. Div.; A. W. Weber, V.P.-Dir. Engr.-Mfg.; N. J. Vang, V.P.-Dir. Ind. Rel.; T. Waaland, Treas.; J. L. Ward, Cont.; F. H. Knight, Secy; "Pyrex" brand products: ovenware, Range-top ware; coffee-maker bowls; dinnerware; laboratory ware; pharmaceutical, industrial; guage [sic] gauge glasses, tubing, piping, cylinders, special technical ware, "Corning" brand products: bulbs for lamp, radio, X-ray, television, fluorescent, thermometer tubing, optical, opthalmic glass; signal ware for railroad, marine, traffic, aviation use; filter glasses; tumblers; commerical, residential illuminating glassware; street lighting globes; capacitors, resistors, other electronic components; atomic radiation shielding windows; photosensitive glasses. "Steuben" products; table glass, art ware. "Vycor" brand products; industrial, laboratory, pharmaceutical ware; precision finished glassware; ultraviolet transmitting glass. "Pyroceram" products; ovenware, range-top ware; industrial, pharmaceutical, laboratory and special technical ware, all made from glass-ceramic materials.


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