Dunton Tree Insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Central Station

New York, NY, United States
vol. 6, no. 9, p. 544, col. 1-2

Dunton & Field, of 117 Main street, Cambridge, Mass., are meeting with great success with their Dunton tree insulator.

This tree insulator is the only one on the market that allows the wire or cable to be tied in solid to the glass without injury to the wire or the tree, as will be seen by illustration. The insulator arm, which is made of the highest grade of malleable iron, swings on a sleeve which is lag-screwed to the limb of the tree. By the use of a similar sleeve, it supports a standard locust pin, to which the glass insulator is attached, enabling the latter to remain always in a vertical position when tied to the wire. Any form of insulator, whether the ordinary single, double or triple petticoat that fits a standard pin, can be used with a Dunton tree insulator.


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The application of these insulators is shown in the accompanying photograph of an actual installation which, before these insulators were used, was a source of the greatest annoyance to the central station management, owing to the chafing off of the instillation of the feeder cables, causing annoying, wasteful and dangerous grounds. The manufacturers issue an attractive little pamphlet of these insulators, giving the prices as well as a number of endorsements from some of the most prominent electric lighting and power stations in the country, which are enthusiastic in their praises of this new and valuable protector of their outside line construction.


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