Locke introduces the No. 8a transposition insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The American Telephone Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 12, no. 26, p. 438, col. 2

THE LOCKE INSULATOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Victor, N. Y., has recently placed upon the market a new type telephone insulator for use when the lines run adjacent to or are erected on the same poles with high potential circuits. This is known as the No. 8a transposition insulator. Its features of particular interest are the great distances between the wire holding grooves and the screw threaded support for attachment to the pin. A long petticoat is also provided to afford the maximum surface distance between the two wires. This insulator should prove of great value to companies operating lines adjacent to power circuits, as its high insulation will offset any troubles due to grounds. Further details will be furnished by the company.


Keywords:Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company : U-207C
Researcher notes:No. 8a is U-207C.
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