Standard Vitrified Conduit Company furnishes third rail insulators and will exhibit at Electrical Show in New York City

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The American Telephone Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 12, no. 22, p. 369, col. 2

THE STANDARD VITRIFIED CONDUIT COMPANY, 39 Cortlandt street, New York, will be among the exhibitors at the Electrical Show to be held in Madison Square Garden from December 12 to 23d. This company furnished all of the third rail insulators for the Interborough Rapid Transit Company for use both on the elevated and on the subway, and also supplied material for the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company and the Scioto Valley Traction Company in Ohio. In view of the extensive operations of this company in telephone, railway and electric light underground conduit construction in the East, a practical exploitation of its work will be of special value to those interested in this line.


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