Lima Insulator Co. will have several buildings and make high grade porcelain insulators.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Iron Age

New York, NY, United States
vol. 74, no. 7, p. 22, col. 2

Though it has not yet been definitely decided, the present plan of the Lima Insulator Company, Lima, N. Y., is to use gas engines to furnish power for its new plant, which will be located on the Lehigh Valley Railroad. There will be a two-story machine shop, 48 x 96 feet; power house, 36 x 40 feet; kiln building, 55 x 105 feet; testing room, 40 x 60 feet, and a storehouse, 40 x 80 feet. The buildings will be so arranged that they can be duplicated without interfering with the arrangement. The company will make high grade porcelain insulators.


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