Diamond Insulator Pin

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Iron Age

New York, NY, United States
vol. 74, no. 15, p. 57, col. 1-2

Diamond Insulator Pin.

The New Jersey Foundry & Machine Company, 9 Murray street, New York, is manufacturing an insulator pin, as shown herewith, for the use of telephone, telegraph, electric light and power, signal companies and others having occasion to fasten insulators to brick, stone, concrete or other masonry. The pin itself is of cast iron, with threads to fit standard glass and porcelain insulators, such as shown herewith, a bolt being cast in the base and made with a lag screw thread to fit the Diamond Expansion Shield, which will secure a positive hold on any solid material, making a simple, strong and economical fastening. The bolt can also be furnished for use with regular oak or locust pins. The shank of the bolt can be furnished straight or any angle desired. A large number of these insulator pins, we are informed, are being used in the subways of the Interborough Rapid Transit Company, New York, for carrying wires under station platforms.


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