W. R. Garton carries Lima insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electric Traction Weekly

Cleveland, OH, United States
vol. 4, no. 26, p. 640, col. 2

The W. R. Garton Company reports a very satisfactory business during the spring months and considers the outlook for the summer and fall very encouraging. This company carries a complete line of electric railway materials for construction and maintenance. These include the products of the Electric Railway Equipment Company, overhead material, flexible brackets, steel poles and trimmings; porcelain insulators for low and high tension work manufactured by the Lima Insulator Company; the Frank Ridlon line of armature and field coils, commutators, etc.; Massachusetts Chemical Company's insulating compounds and tapes; the carbon brushes of the American Carbon & Battery Company; Heany fire-proof wire, Bliss gears and pinions, Shaw lighting arresters and Thomas soldered bonds; as well as a complete line of all kinds of electrical supplies.


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