Johnson and Phillips catalog

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Publication: The Electrical Engineer - London

London, England
vol. 42, p. 632, col. 2


Messrs. Johnson and Phillips have sent us new lists this week. The first deals with a number of styles and types of porcelain insulators, together with the necessary bolts and fittings required for erecting this type of material. Amongst the illustrations we notice many types of the Phillips fluid type of insulators, which have been used so largely in India and elsewhere. A number of high-tension types are included, such as are now being used for power distribution lines. The list is well coded, and the stock kept by the firm ensures prompt delivery. The other list deals with Paterson's bitumen damp-proof sheeting, which is particularly serviceable for use in buildings where it is desirable to prevent damp from rising. Messrs. Johnson and Phillips will be pleased to send copies of these lists to anyone writing for them.


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