Contracts awarded for Lynchburg glass plant construction

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The American Contractor

United States
vol. 39, no. 33, p. 35,42,49,50, col. 1

Building and Construction News Department

Geographical Section.

New Jersey

Contracts Awarded.

*Bridgeton, N. J. Glass Mfg. Plant: 1 & 2 sty. Hudson St., Lynchburg, Va. Archt. & Engr. T. Cox & Sons Co., Bridgeton. Owner Lynchburg Glass Mfg. Co., care N. D. Eller, Peoples Bank bldg., Lynchburg. Gen. Contr. J. P. Pettyjohn & Co., 210 8th St., Lynchburg. Elec. wk. let to Clifton W. Whitmore, 612 Main St., Lynchburg. Rfg.


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