Swann Corp. is the holding company for Birmingham Glass Works


Publication: The Anniston Star

Anniston, AL, United States
vol. 48, no. 80, p. 1, col. 2




Theodore Swann Announces

$250,000 Corporation

For Anniston

Papers of incorporation for the Swann Research Company, incorporated for $250,000, have been filed with Judge T. W. Coleman, Calhoun County probate judge. The new organization will have its laboratories here in connection with the other plants that are subsidiaries of the Swann Corporation. The following dispatch from the New York Associated Press bureau gives full details of the new concern:

"Organization of the Swann Research, Inc.. to coordinate and unify the research and development activities of the subsidiaries of the Swann Corporation of Birmingham, Ala., was announced here Monday by Theodore Swann, president of the latter company.

"Swann Corporation is the holding company for various chemical concerns including Federal Phosphorous Company, Federal Abrasive Company, Federal Carbide Company and Southern Manganese Corporation, all of Anniston, Ala.; Jax Plant Food Company, Napthalene Products Company and Birmingham Glass Works, of Birmingham; Hill-Bruff Chemical Ccmpany, of Hoopeston, Ill., and the Provident Chemical Works of St. Louis.

"Swann Research Inc., has a capital of $250,000, its laboratories are at Anniston and its program is to embrace commercial research laboratory research and development work.

"Swann Research will operate as a, business in that it will assign new products to other Swann Companies on a royalty basis. Research staffs of present subsidiaries of Swann Corporation located at Birmingham and Anniston, Ala., and St. Louis will be transferred to the Swann Research organization. Research will be divided into three groups: Commercial research including handling marked surveys, marked analysts and economic plant locations; laboratory research including developing of new processes and new products, improving present processes and products, improving the sesses [sic] processes and products, and finding best adaptations and increased uses for present products; and the development department introducing products and processes in pilot plants and initial manufacture.

"All future patents on products and processes of Swann Corporation's subsidiaries will be handled by the Swann Research board of directors. Theodore Swann, president; B. G. Klugh, vice present, in charge of commercial research; J. N. Carothers, vice president in charge of research; W. R. Seyfried vice president in charge of development; Paul Logue, vice president in charge of St. Louis research and development; C. M. Jesperson, treasurer and P. A. Lidbury, director. The announcement pointed out outstanding developments of Swann subsidiaries research department have been development of the electric furnace method of producing phosphoric acid and ferro-phosphorous as a by-product; improvement in equality of aluminous abrasives and silican carbide; spraycongealed trisodium phosphate; spray-dried calcium and sodium salts ol phosphoric acid and diphenyl and diphenyl derivatives."

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