H. C. Law was a representative of Brookfield

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Telegraph and Telephone Age

New York, NY, United States
vol. 37, no. 19, p. 488, col. 2

H. C. Law.


Mr. H. C. Law, the subject of this sketch, is manager of the American Jobbers' Supply Company, New York. Mr. Law began his business career with A. W. Kenworthy, chartered accountant, of England and Wales. In this work Mr. Law acquired a thorough fundamental business experience as accountant in the auditing of various businesses.

After seven years' service with the above mentioned company, Mr. Law became associated with John H. Hammond, in complete charge of that financier's personal and business accounts, where he remained two years.


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Mr. Law then became sales representative of the Brookfield Glass Company, and travelled in all parts of the United States in the interests of that company. After a successful term of service with the Brookfield Company Mr. Law attracted the attention of Mr. M. L. Joslyn, president of the Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Company, and president of the American Jobbers' Supply Company, and was, by that gentleman placed in charge as manager of the American Jobbers' Supply Company, New York. The stockholders of the company recently elected Mr. Law secretary, in addition to his duties as manager.

During the past ten years Mr. Law has been in attendance at the annual gatherings of the railroad telegraph superintendents, and is acquainted with practically all of the line construction officials of the railroads and commercial telegraph companies. Recently he opened in Boston, Mass., a branch office to handle the New England business of his company.

The American Jobbers' Supply Company's offices in New York are at 1122 Woolworth Building.


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