Pacific Pottery made insulators for the Placerville telegraph line

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The California Culturist

San Francisco, CA, United States
vol. 1, no. 12, p. 542, col. 1

HOME MANUFACTURES. Messrs. Hevener & Walter, near Knauth's garden, in Sacramento, are manufacturing a superior article of fire brick. They are engaged in the pottery business, and turning off large quantities of every description of coarse wares, and are preparing to engage in the manufacture of the celebrated Rockingham ware.

In their experiments in making an article suited to the uses of the acid works, at Mission Dolores, they were eminently successful, producing work that stood the severest test. This will put a stop to the importation of another article of commerce. The insulators for the Placerville, Humboldt and Salt Lake Telegraph company are made at this establishment a superior article, and twenty-five per cent, less than the imported. Specimens of their manufacture can be seen at No. 34 Clay street, San Francisco. A further importation of such articles as they manufacture, must be at a loss to the importer. Success to the firm.


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