Armstrong Cork Company listing

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 98,108,112,114,124, col. 1



This list includes manufacturers of prescriptions and vials, beers and minerals, patent and proprietary medicines, liquors and flasks, packers and preservers, fruit jars and milk bottles.


Armstrong Cork Co., Dunkirk; 3 tanks, 18 machines. J. D Mink, Pl. Mgr. Food containers, beverage, drug and toiletries.


Armstrong Cork Co., Millville; 5 con. tanks, 27 machines. For officers see listing under Pennsylvania; Roger F. Scott, Plant Mgr. Prescriptions, vania; R. F. Scott, Pl. Mgr. Containers for foods, beverages, drugs and toiletries.


Armstrong Cork Co., office only at Lancaster; Packaging Materials Operations; Plants: Dunkirk, Ind.; Millville, N. J. M. J. Warnock, Pres.; C. N. Painter, Ex. V.P.; W. E. Hoadley, V.P. - Treas.; R. H. Hetzel, V.P. - Gen. Mgr.; A. H. Sheaffer, Sec'y.; R. M. Ulmer, Gen. Sales Mgr.; W. W. Pedrick, Prod. Mgr.


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