Otto Neisser represents the Lima Insulator Company


Publication: The Los Angeles Herald

Los Angeles, CA, United States
vol. 32, no. 337, p. 3, col. 1-7


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The various establishments of manufacturers' agents add large and attractive factors to the growing volume of wholesale trade in this city. One of the most extensive dealers In electrical goods and various electrical supplies is Otto Neisser, manufacturers' agent at 529 Herman W. Hellman building. Mr. Neisser handles all kinds of electrical goods and appliances, Insulators, etc., and represents in these commodities, respectively, the Lima Insulator company, the Central Electric company, the W. T. C. Macallen company and the Rund automatic water heater and electric and gas fixtures. He represents everything, except heavy machinery, in electrical uses. Dealing with contractors and builders principally, his house Is a large and convenient source of supply for these commodities, and in the course of the extensive building 1 of business houses and homes within the past few years Mr. Neisser has secured a large share of this trade. Many of the large business blocks, factories and dwellings recently completed have been equipped with goods from his several companies, while a large part of his trade consists of shipments to outside points. Mr. Neisser Is a business man of fine enterprise, and his establishment Is of a kind that must necessarily have a large future growth.

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