Peru Exhibit at the New York Electrical Exhibition

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 31, no. 23, p. 686, col. 2


THE PERU ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Peru, Ind., has quite an extensive and tastefully arranged exhibit of porcelain insulation of all kinds. A line of new fuse plug main and branch blocks is shown; also multiple circuit tablet boards with fuse plug, for both the two and three wire systems. The plug carries a continuous fuse placed in a ventilated chamber, which is readily accessible by unscrewing the cap. The all-porcelain transformer fuse plug is also shown as a new device. The plug is ventilated for the escape of gas and carries an extra long fuse. It is easily inserted in the box and gives a perfect contact. There is also a large line of covered porcelain mains, Peru style. These mains are made of extra heavy brass parts and extra long fuses. The principal part of the exhibit is shown on a four-sided frame fitted with sample boards. Porcelain bushings of all sizes are also shown. The exhibit also includes open porcelain and covered porcelain branch blocks of different sizes and styles, open and covered porcelain mains, two and three wire multiple circuit blocks, key and keyless well sockets, branch and main circuits, fixture cut-outs, attachment plugs, the Peru 500-volt fuse plug, Peru rosette cut-outs, a full line of insulators and break knobs, cleats, etc. Also a full line of Hercules and Laclede batteries and many porcelain specialties. At two corners of the booth are standards bristling with high potential insulators. These insulators are made in one solid piece of porcelain. The exhibit is in charge of Mr. R. H. Bouslog, secretary and treasurer of the company. Mr. F. H. Schlesinger, the New York representative, is also in attendance.


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