Power line to the Dexter Tuscarora Mining Company of Elko County, Nevada used GE U-935A insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 30, no. 17, p. 286, col. 1

Electrically Operated Nevada Mining Plant.


The entire plant of the Dexter Tuscarora Mining Company of Elko County, Nevada, with the exception of the hoists, is operated by electricity. Power is generated from two power plants, one 12 miles, the other 23 miles distant. The total capacity of the generators in these two plants is 325 horsepower, but the company has been unable to obtain more than 200 horsepower from them during the last year on account of the extreme dryness of the season.

The water for the Jack Creek power plant is carried through a flume. 5,200 feet long, to the head of a steel-pipe line, 3,800 feet long and 22 inches in diameter, thus obtaining a fall of 416 feet, the generators being driven by Pelton wheels. The current is transmitted over a 23-mile pole line at 11,500 volts to the stamp mill in Tuscarora.

That part of the plant operated by electricity consists of a 40-stamp mill, pumping, air-compressing plant and machine shop. The stamp mill consists of 40 900-pound stamps in four batteries of 10 each, each stamp having a capacity of from three to four tons every 24 hours. These are operated by a 100horsepower motor, which also drives two Gates crushers. The air-compressing plant is an eight-drill, two-stage, automatic cut-off Nordberg compressor, and is driven by a 100-horsepower electric motor. While the hoist at present is operated by steam, in a short time it will be replaced by an up-to-date electric hoist.

Two pumps are also operated by electricity on the 300-foot level which were formerly run by steam. It is the intention of the company as soon as more power can be secured, to make a number of extensive electric improvements in the way of drills, hoists and pumps.


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Researcher notes:It has been confirmed by archaeologist, Christopher Merritt, University of Montana that the insulators used were General Electric dry process U-935A. His research showed: "It was constructed in 1898-1899 with capitalization from a mining company, and purchased land and water rights from the ranchers in the area. The power plant was hit by lighting and burnt down in 1911, but rebuilt (July 15, 1911, Electrical World, page 191). The final reference we get is that it was part of bankruptcy hearings in 1920, when the mining company that owned it collapsed. Then by 1927 all of Elko County was electrified due to a large hydroelectric plant. So it appears that this line likely operated from 1898 to 1920 (at least), but not longer. Pretty neat story? So someone must have gotten ahold of surplus U-935A insulators from someone, perhaps the power company in Ogden, or even direct from GE on discount. The voltage was never high enough to lead to insulator failings."
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